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About Us

The proposed Keystone Pipeline has created a great deal of controversy, and this was the trigger that got us interested in learning a little more about the oil and gas industry in general. This site is the result of our growing interest in everything remotely related to the pipeline industry.

Oil has been used in so many different products over the centuries that its history is almost as diverse and interesting as the human story itself. In fact, our own history would be quite different without the existence of fossil fuels and the industries they’re behind, such as the pipeline industry and the Keystone proposal.

Oil may be controversial, but it’s our firm belief that we simply can’t live without it – at least not yet. Perhaps in a hundred years our ancestors will look back on this era and wonder why we relied on oil so much, but who knows? Even environmental activists that are opposed to the oil industry rely on it. You can’t use a cell phone, computer, or tablet to get your message of protest out without relying on the oil industry. It’s a fascinating contradiction, and it’s the kind of thing we explore in more detail on this site. We hope you enjoy your visit!


When it comes to purchasing products or services using the internet, it is highly recommended that you always do your own research. This includes purchasing any products sold or promoted on our site.

Monetary Connection

Unless we’ve explained otherwise, you should always presume that if products or services are referenced to, it is because there exists a material connection between the site owner and the vendors of the offerings presented. It should be understood again that this is not always how it is.

Suggestions and Testimonials

The owner of this website has done everything possible to check the feedback that appears on this website. They’re treated as average user expectations according to the details available at the time of publication. Inquiries were made to confirm their reliability each time. If a statement sounds not true then the owners of this website regard this like that and do not publish this on the website.

Where quotations have been displayed from other comments, discussion boards, or other customer comments, these are in no way indicative of any kind of verifiable results. All visitors are strongly cautioned to do their own due diligence before shopping for something shown on this site.
Our intention is to be completely sincere all of the time. However, if you find anything displayed on this website, that you do not believe, please get in touch with us immediately and we’ll look into it. We have the right to withdraw the display of any product or service that does not reach our very high levels of satisfaction without prior notice. Any honesty and trustworthiness is vital to us.

The builders of this site will usually recommend services and products based on a good faith belief that the supply of such items will benefit the person obtaining it. The owner has good faith belief, due to the fact that he has either tried out the products prior to making any testimonials, or the owners have studied the items based on the producer’s background. The recommendations made by the owner for the services or products are truthful opinions based on pieces of information known to the owner at the moment a service or product is pointed out on the website.

Affiliate Compensation

We use affiliate advertising to help offset the expenses of operating this site and earn something extra . What this means is that if you click on some product/service links on All Risk No Reward, it may result in a fee that is given to this website if you purchase the product or service.As a buyer, you don’t pay more using an affiliate link, the price stays the same , all of the time.

Compensation Bias

The webmasters’ point of view about a product or service might be partially formed because the owner may receive commissions for the service or product. The nature of the relationship is enough to effectuate a financial relation between the webmaster and the provider. There will be instances where the webmaster won’t get commissions relevant to the products or services on this site. You should presume that the owner has a material partnership with the product or service suppliers, because the owner has has received or will probably receive something of monetary worth from the supplier. You should always perform your own due diligence before buying a product or service included on this website.

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